Creativity expresses one’s unique self through works.

Ideas can come from the most common or unexpected places

A daily problem

Students need to go up to the laundry room on 9/F to check whether the clothes are dry or not, sometimes a few times each day


without works is imagination only.

In order to facilitate the transformation of imaginative ideas into reality, we built an iconic Creativity Lab (c!ab) with high-end facilities and equipment so that students can freely experiment and play with their innovative ideas.

The clab connects with the first year General Education courses, and group coaching in the final year senior projects by providing students with a work shed, equipment and tools to develop their new ideas through “trial and errors”.

Creative idea

A group of first year student proposed using a sensor to detect the dryness of the clothes. The signals will be sent back to their phones for monitoring.


C!ab is designed to be an ideal intellectual playground with just the right tools and ambience for students students to unleash their creative energy.

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Learning to fall…and rise again

strategizing plans to fulfill goals in life with perseverance and tenacity.

By enduring hardship, we develop character and a grateful spirit.

Entrepreneurial Spirit is about...

Life is not about winning all the time.

We will encounter failures and setbacks,but we will learn to pick ourselves up and move on with renewed spirit and determination until successes come our way.

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House of Sunny Living

The establishment of “House of Sunny Living” is Wu Yee Sun College’s new initiative for promotion of healthy living style. It also helps the transformation of our students into a positive and radiating energy force to make the world a better place.

Visits, Outings and Organic Farming:
Know the nature and green technologies! Plant your own crops at the College!
Outreach to Society:
Share your Green Life and get the Earth more helping hands!
Waste Reduction and Energy Conservation:
Use less, recycle and upcycle!


I LOVE Nature!
Let’s Go Green and Lead!

Positive Value and
Confidence Building

I build up my positive value and confidence and I feel energetic to carry out everyday task


Meditation strengthens my mind, body and spirit

Relaxation through
Music and Art

Music and Art get rid of my pressure and provide an outlet for emotional expression

Better Communication

I improve my communication and interpersonal skills through better understanding of myself and others



Sports for Everyone

Sports for Everyone

Sports for Life intends to create passion and perseverance for sports and practice for lifelong physical strength and mental fortitude through fitness training such as gym, sports games and competitive sporting events.

Health and Spiritual Well-being

Go Green and Lead the Society

Show your care for the environment and society through“learning in” and “serving out” the community!

This is our VOW

Show your care for the environment and society through“learning in” and “serving out” the community!

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One simple question.
Why do we join Service-Learning program?

The Sunnies become a passionate force that cares about the people, social issues and the environment, and making the world a better place.

We are lucky to be born and raised in HK, educated. We can teach the little kids English.

It’s our responsibility to help the needy as a global citizen.

We understand.

We do not only transfer knowledge, we listen to their stories and learn about their family. We want to address their needs.

We care.

Human development and environmental protection are not mutually exclusive. We build the ecological toilet to enhance sanitation while conserving the land.

Social Responsibility

Social Responsibility is a natural outcome of The Sunny spirit, which radiates a positive energy to the world.

Social Responsibility

We reach out to various groups in the society through the social learning programs. We learn and grow mutually during experiential interactions with children, elderly, minority groups and others different segments in the society.

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