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Why Wu Yee Sun College?

The Sunny College


Wu Yee Sun College, also named as “The Sunny College” was established in 2007 with the generous support from the Wu Yee Sun Charitable Foundation Limited. Dr. Wu Yee Sun was the founder of Wing Lung Bank and his philanthropic contributions were enormous.

College Motto
Scholarship and Perseverance

The College aims to broaden students’ horizons (scholarship), and encourage them to forge ahead (perseverance) in making contributions to the society leading a productive and fulfilling life.

College Mission
Entrepreneurial Spirit with Social Responsibility

The College provides an intimate and positive environment to nurture students’ creativity and impact towards the development of a sustainable society.

Exemplary initiatives created by our college students:

Check out the Sunny Moments of our students. Learn more about the College vibe in A Day in Wu Yee Sun College and the key initiatives in our Admission Brochure.

Creativity Laboratory – The Signature of Wu Yee Sun College

The Creativity Laboratory (c!ab) is the first of its kind in CUHK dedicated to creativity. The physical space is wisely planned, together with a list of high-end equipment, tools and books to facilitate students' realization of their imagination. Students are encouraged to make use of the space to develop self-initiated projects with the support of various funding schemes, namely Sunny Passion Programme, Be Entrepreneurial funding scheme, Dorsett Young Entrepreneur Scholarship.

Other than a space for implementing self-initiated projects, c!ab focuses on the following five streams:

  • Arts & Culture
  • Design Thinking
  • Entrepreneurship and Management
  • Science & Technology
  • Socio-political Innovations

Students are also encouraged to be the student conveners of c!ab and initiated projects under the supervision of the stream supervisors. Projects led by our student conveners included Old Hong Kong Exhibition, Sun.Peachtopia video-making and exhibition, a series of Art and Nature Workshops, HK - Tainan Cultural & Creativity Exchange Programme (News of the Programme can be reviewed on following media: Ming Pao and Click here to learn more about c!ab!



House of Sunny Living – College's Initiative!

House of Sunny Living promotes healthy living style and instills positive energy into students. It adopts a holistic three-pronged community approach integrating three dimensions of “health and spiritual well-being”, “sports for life” and “go green and lead the society” to target the well-being of the body, mind and spirit of our students and encourage their contributions to the environment and society.

Activities are designed for strengthening and training mind and body, examples are:

  • Yoga
  • Fitness Training
  • Healthy Cooking Class
  • Mindfulness Workshop
  • Tree Planting cum Hiking Trip

The College aims to cultivate our students to be future leaders and build up the self-confidence and competence of students, and better equip them with leadership and management skills for different challenges in the future.

The full sea-view gymnasium also provides students with exercises equipment to enhance body fitness and resilience building. The College Green Team is facilitator leading our students to be more environmentally-conscious. All of these programmes aim to gear up our Sunnies with physical and mental strength, and be prepared to take up social responsibilities.


Comprehensive Scholarships & Financial Aid Schemes

The College endeavors to attract and nurture students from across the globe. We admit 300 new students each year and offer more than 100 Admission Scholarships to freshmen admitted via different channels.

In 2024/25, about 500 awards or scholarships in various types can be offered with a total budget of HK$4 million, and approximately 50% of students can receive different kinds of scholarships and financial aid under the following categories:-

  • Admission Scholarships
  • Scholarships for Academic Excellence
  • Awards for Creativity, Student Development and Talents
  • Exchange Scholarships & Awards
  • Hostel Grant
  • Student Grant/Loan
  • Exchange & Travel Grant/Loan
  • Emergency Grant/Loan

Unique International Exposure Opportunities

The College strongly encourages our students to participate in any kind of international exposure opportunities as we believe that will enhance your personal growth, broaden your worldview, and diversify your thoughts and values. The College collaborates with institutions worldwide for term-long or short-term exchange programmes including Australia, Canada, Czech Republic, Finland, Germany, Singapore, the Netherlands, South Korea, Sweden, United Kingdom, United States and Mainland China. We expect to provide each student with at least one sponsorship for exchange during their normative study period. In the past 8 years, around 1500 students have gained overseas experience by participating college-led programmes such as term-long exchange, internship, service-learning, cultural exchange, language enhancement as well as through self-initiated global learning award scheme.


Diversified College Life

The College and different student bodies organize a variety of activities and workshops to unleash your talents and offer you opportunities to make new friends.

Activity Highlights:

College encourages students to pursue their dreams and find meanings of life so that they can form their own identity.  It is also hoped that they learn the importance of integrity and perseverance.  Students can start their journey with Orientation Camp.  Then, they can join College Student Advisor Scheme to get to know more College friends and interact with advisors.  Later on, senior students can join Rance Lee Mentorship Programme to enhance their interpersonal skills and personal development. 

New students start their journey with Orientation Camp where they explore various aspects of College life and build strong peer rapport.

College Student Advisor Scheme 

Create bonding with assigned College staff and peers from various faculties for easier adaptation to College and University life.  

Rance Lee Mentorship Programme 

Leverage on the College’s network, experienced mentors from different sectors, who have rich professional knowledge, will guide and equip our Sunnies for their future development.


Distinctive College General Education Programme

General Education Programme of the College is unique in its view to cultivate students’ creativity with social responsibility. Through the first year lectures, students would be able to reflect on their role for a sustainable future, cultivate creativity, and contribute to a sustainable society through classes and diversified activities and unique experiences outside classroom. After four years of General Education activities including Forums, High Table Dinners, Seminars, Field trips and more, students would be backed up with solid foundation, and complete a project which aim at bringing greater benefits to society in their final year. Please visit the page for General Education Programme for more details.


The College endeavors to foster students’ commitment to serve the local, regional, international communities by engaging them in service-learning programmes. Through participating in social services, students could have better understanding towards the needs of the underprivileged. Under the supervision of College members, they would have the opportunities to design and implement service projects.

Students are also encouraged to apply for “Service-Learning Project Funding Scheme” to initiate their own service-learning project. The scheme has supported projects serving locally or outside Hong Kong, including Yunnan, Sichuan, Nepal, Cambodia, and Thailand.

All-in-One Campus Facilities

Wu Yee Sun College is located by Residence Lane 1, which is on the west side of the University campus. Check out the Campus Map & Transportation to find out where we are and how to get to our campus. The College building complex, which comprises the student hostel and facilities blocks, embraces the central courtyard. Communal sky gardens are designed to integrate the College campus with natural surroundings.

Overseeing the stunningly beautiful Tolo harbor, our campus is fully-equipped providing optimal learning, recreational and residential facilities to our students. It is also a place where our college students have lots of social interaction with each other. Get a glimpse of our College facilities to learn more.

Noon_RCUHK-WYS College-F_014_R

Hostel Life

The College hostels can accommodate 604 students in 302 twin rooms. The "Guaranteed Residence Scheme" of the College offers every student an opportunity to experience hostel life. The guaranteed hostel period for students with a normative study period of four years or above is one academic year.

Non-local students admitted from 2016/17 onwards may refer to the Fact Sheet for Non-local Students on Hostel Accommodation for general guidelines and other reminders on living at the College hostels.



Facts & Figures

  • The Sunny College is a medium-sized College, with about 300 new students joining every year. 
  • It has approximately 1,400 students in total, of which 13.3% are non-local students from various regions including Mainland China, Macau, Taiwan, Thailand, Malaysia, Vietnam, Indonesia, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Myanmar, Pakistan, Kazakhstan, South Korea, Japan, Portugal etc.
  • 8.9% of college students are from Faculty of Arts, 15% from Faculty of Business Administration, 3% from Faculty of Education, 11.2% from Faculty of Engineering, 1.8% from Faculty of Law, 29.8% from Faculty of Medicine, 12.4% from Faculty of Science, 14.5% from Faculty of Social Science, 3.4% from interdisciplinary major programmes.
  • It also hosts about 40 incoming exchange students each term.
  • The College Hostels on east and west block accommodate 604 students in 302 twin rooms.
  • In 2023/24, 126 college students which accounts for about 40.3% of freshmen, received Admission Scholarship from University and/or College. Among them, 94 students received College’s Admission Scholarships in a total of more than HK$1.2 million.

Admission Video & Publication

Watch the Sunny Moments of our Sunnies and A Day in Wu Yee Sun College. Take a look at our Admission Brochure to learn more about the College’s key initiatives and students’ sharing.

Important Dates

College Selection

Deadline for College Selection For JUPAS students: 3:00pm, 9 Aug 2024 

College Interview

JUPAS students

13-15 Aug 2024 (subject to changes)
Freshmen will be contacted by email/phone on 12-13 Aug to confirm the meet up date and time

College Orientation Camp

Orientation Camp Period 26-29 Aug 2024

Online Application

Details will be provided in due course. Stay tune!

Hostel Application 

Application Deadline Online Application: 22 Aug - 12:00nn, 25 Aug 2024 (TBC)

For Local Freshmen

2023/24 Application Note (for reference)

For Non-local Freshmen

2023/24 Application Note (for reference)

Fact Sheet on Hostel Accommodation (for Non-local students) (for reference)

Result Announcement 28 Aug 2024 (TBC)
Hostel Check-in Non-local students: 31 Aug 2024
Local students: 1 Sep 2024

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