Rance Lee Mentorship Programme - Open for Enrollment


With the initiation of our CUHK alumnus Mr. Sai-Yung Lau and the generous funding support of our CUHK alumni Mr. Albert Wu and Mr. Philip Li, this programme has been restructured.


The group-to-group mentor-mentee model, which is comprised of senior mentors, alumni mentors and student mentees, will be adopted. With the support of alumni mentors, a new element of this programme, it is believed that the bonding within a group or among WYS members will be stronger. 


This programme aims to promote a multi-functional social networking for

  • Providing practical advice and assistance
  • Sharing information and interests
  • Nurturing close friendship and emotional support


This programme offers a lifelong membership for all the participants. It is now open for enrollment. Should you be interested in it, please click this link to register.


For details, please check out College website



For enquiries, please contact Miss Florence Tsui at 3943-9767 or e-mail florencetsui@cuhk.edu.hk