Service-Learning Programme

Service-Learning Programmes

“Nurturing students through assuming social responsibility” is one of our College’s educational goals. Thus, it has been our priority to create opportunities for students to engage in social services. As its name suggests, Service-Learning projects provide students chances to learn how to serve and at the same time learn through serving others. Thanks to Hong Kong Shun Lung Yan Chak Foundation Limited and Chow Tai Fook Charity Foundation, our student delegations have been to Myanmar, Cambodia, Sri Lanka, Tainan and mainland China to carry out service programs designed by them to spread love and care.

The aim of the Service-Learning projects is to broaden the horizons of College students and to foster their commitment to serve the local, regional and international communities, leading to sustainable personal growth and development. In addition to offering help to the needy, participants can also experience the lives of the service targets and local customs through non-local projects.

Besides, College also encourages students to apply for 'Service-Learning Project Funding Scheme' to initiate their own service-learning projects as an individual or in groups. Applicants have been subsidized to realize their own service idea in Nepal, Yunnan, Sichuan, Anhui, Cambodia and Thailand. More details could be found here.


Student Sharing: 
Rustami Ubaydullo (Computer Science/ 1; Participant of Service-Learning Trip to Sri Lanka)

Nandri - Thank you. This was what an old man who was so poor that he had barely any clothes on him and his widowed daughter said when we handed them a bag full of rice and other necessities. The phrase was simple, but it was very different in nature compared to what I usually hear. I hear a lot of thanks in my daily life but I rarely hear praises which are so powerful that you actually feel the benefit that your support is having to the other side. Very different and unexplainable experience.

I got an important lesson from this Service-Learning Trip. Before the trip, I thought that I had a lot of problems or distractions in my daily life. However, when I saw people who had literally nothing and no one to hold on in their harsh days, I understood that most of the problems that I thought I had were just illusions. Not having a good lunch for a day is nothing compared to not knowing where to find food for the next few days. Not having the best laptop is ludicrous relative to not having a book for your studies. Therefore, appreciate whatever you have, since there’re people who dream about one-tenth of what you already own.

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Local Service-Learning and Exposure

Be a Student Mentor: Mentees can nurture their leadership and communication skills by serving as a Student Mentor for secondary students.

The Summer Camp with CUHKFAA Chan Chun Ha Secondary School provided mentees with opportunities to apply what they have learnt from mentors and create positive impact for the juniors.