Sports & Health Education

Sports for Everyone

Diversified sports activities such as Hip Hop Dance Class, Sports Climbing Certificate Course, Woodball Workshop, Yoga Class and Fitness Trainings are offered to promote healthy lifestyle and sports fun. To motivate students establish routine exercise practice, we have certified fitness trainers stationed at our gymnasium to provide personal fitness advice and lead fitness class.



Table Tennis Challenge <NEW>
Fixture (Male)
Fixture (Female)

Events in 2023/24

Term 1

Rowing Challenge
Fitness Room User Introductory Course
Yoga Class
Fitness Training Class

Term 2

Yoga Class
Fitness Training Class
E-Sport Experience Day
Table Tennis Challenge
Basketball Enhancement Programme (Men)
Table Tennis Training Programme



College's initiative Self-Motivation Fund for Sports Activities is introduced to further encourage students to take part in open competition or sports events, such as Standard Chartered Hong Kong Marathon and Oxfam Trailwalker. Take a look on the guidelines and report template, and challenge yourself with different activities.





A group of passionate students also forms the College Sports Association which helps promote and organize sports activities such as Round Campus Run and Summer Water Sports Activities. We hope that every College student is able to live up the spirit of “Sports for Everyone”.


 Elite Sports

We also treasure our students' sports talents and provide training support for the College sports teams. Each of our 17 College Teams has delivered their best and shown progressive improvement over the past years - Rowing Team captured the Men's Champion and Table Tennis team won the Women's 2nd runner-up. Some athletes also achieved excellent results in open competition such as the Standard Chartered Hong Kong Marathon, USFHK Cross-country Competition and Woodball Competition, Ace Basketball League.

Check out our College sports teams and see what the athletes have experienced!

Basketball Team Football Team Rowing Team
Swimming Team Track & Field Team Volleyball Team
Badminton Team Table Tennis Team Tennis Team

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Health Education

To improve individual health and strengthen emotional and psychological well-being of College students and staff members, different kinds of health education programmes and activities are organized.

Events in 2023/24

Term 1

Alcohol Ink Art Workshop
Homemade Vegan Rainbow Tortellini Workshop
Sunny Market
Mental Health First Aid Course 

Term 2 

World Peace Calligraphy Day
Fruit Tart Candle Workshop


Self-Motivation Fund for Health and Wellness Activities

Self-Motivation Fund for Health and Well-being Activities encourages students to participate in various kinds of health and well-being activities in order to strengthen your physical health and mental wellness.

Examples: Painting Class, Healthy Baking Class, Soap Making Workshop, Ceramics Workshop, Guitar Course, First Aid Course

Take a look at the guidelines and the reflection template and start your healthy life now!!!

Application :

Past Events

Scented Macaron Candle Workshop

Kalimba Marking Workshop


Mini Ceramic Plate Workshop


Ukulele Class


Healthy Organic Veggie Competition


Healthy Cooking Class


Zentangle Workshop


Tea Ceremony


Reading Club - by Prof. Po-chung Chow


Relaxation through Music


Salsa Dance Night


Talk on Eye Health and Fundus Examination


Walking Campaign cum House of Sunny Living Open Day

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