Exchange Programmes


The College provides immense opportunities for students to expand global vision and explore different cultures.


The College offers wide range of short-term programmes for students to travel around the world for a glimpse of foreign cultures.


Global Learning Award Scheme, iTeam and Mingle Fund

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  • Application
  • Important Dates
  • Scholarships and Financial Aid
  • Global Learning Award Scheme
  • iTeam and Mingle Fund

Australia (1)
  • Monash University

1st Term, 2nd Term

See below for course information:

See below for course restrictions:


(1) University accommodation is available on all Monash campuses except Parkville and Caulfield. Monash will email student with instructions about accommodation options and how to apply online for on-campus accommodation. See for information on accommodation.
(2) Students are required to purchase the compulsory Overseas Student Health Cover (OSHC)
(3) Orientation is compulsory. Students should advise Monash Abroad if they are unable to arrive by orientation commencement. Late arrival will be subject to strict faculty approval and students arriving late without formal faculty permission will not be allowed to enrol and therefore, their program will be voided.
(4) Webpage for exchange students:

Canada (2)
  • University of Alberta
  • Mount Allison University

1st Term, 2nd Term

Courses not open to exchange students:
1) Undergraduate students cannot take courses at the graduate level (usually numbered 500 or higher)
2) Any courses described in Bear Tracks as being closed to exchange students or being restricted to only certain categories or groups of UAlberta students
3) Courses with non-standard fees
4) Alternate delivery sections of any UAlberta courses
5) Courses from the Faculties of Extension, Medicine & Dentistry (with the exception of courses in the Departments of Biochemistry, Cell Biology, and Physiology), Nursing, Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences, and Rehabilitation Medicine.
6) Courses at the School of Library and Information Studies, Yukon University and the Bamfield Marine Sciences Centre.
7) BTM 441, BUS 101, BUS 201, BUS 301, FIN 430, FIN 436, FIN 440, MGTSC 312, SEM 310, SEM 441, SEM 470, and SEM 471, independent research, internship, study tour, competition, work experience, Honours (numbered 480) and Special Topic (numbered 488) courses in the Alberta School of Business.
8) REN R 301, 401-405, 501, 603-605, and 900+ courses in the Department of Renewable Resources.
9) SOC 399 and SOC 499 in the Department of Sociology.
10) SPH 603 in the School of Public Health.

For most updated list of courses closed to exchange students, please see

(1) On-campus accommodation is guaranteed to all exchange students who start in September and apply by the April 30 deadline. For students starting their exchanges in January, guaranteed housing is not available.

1st Term, 2nd Term

All disciplines are available provided students have taken appropriate pre-requisites at home university


On-campus accommodation is guaranteed.

Course information can be found here:

Czech Republic (1)
  • Prague University of Economics and Business

1st Term

Available Disciplines:

• Finance and Accounting
• International Relations
• Business Administration
• Informatics and Statistics
• Economics


Programme website:

Denmark (1)
  • Technical University of Denmark

2nd Term

Course catalogue for exchange students:


For Faculty of Engineering and Faculty of Science students only

(1) All courses are open to exchange students. Students have to fulfill prerequisites to enter courses
(2) Most of the undergraduate level courses are taught in Danish
(3) Students attend the exchange programme at DTU’s Lyngby Campus
(4) Programme website:

Not suitable for students who plan to apply for credit transfer from the institution in order to graduate in 2024-25.

Finland (1)
  • Tampere University

2nd Term

Disciplines available at City Centre Campus

• Communication Sciences
• Education
• Management
• Politics
• Social Sciences

Medicine courses are not open to exchange students


(1) Most courses are conducted in English, some in Finnish:

(2) Students attend the exchange programme at the City Centre Campus.

Not suitable for students who plan to apply for credit transfer from the institution in order to graduate in 2024-25.

Germany (1)
  • Albert-Ludwigs-Universitat Freiburg

2nd Term

All except medicine, molecular medicine, dentistry, pharmacy, psychology, liberal arts and sciences (University College Freiburg) and international master programmes

Exchange programme:

Courses available in a particular academic term:


(1) Approximately 85% of courses are conducted in German while 15% are in English

(2) German requirement: Level A2 or higher (Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR)) (completed at least 200 hours of German class)

(3) Four-week intensive German language courses are offered by the Language Teacher Centre (SLI) in February/March/August/September. The fees is around EUR 1000 (including course fee and accommodation)

Not suitable for students who plan to apply for credit transfer from the institution in order to graduate in 2024-25.

Italy (1)
  • Universita Commerciale L. Bocconi

2nd Term

Available Disciplines:

• Accounting
• Decision Sciences
• Economics
• Finance
• Marketing
• Management
• Policy Analysis and Public Management

Course information:


Not for Faculty of Law students

(1) Courses are taught in Italian or English
(2) Undergraduate students can select courses at the undergraduate level only (codes 30xxx and some 50xxx)
(3) A crash Italian language course is offered at the beginning of each term (Fee: 250 Euro, fee does not include textbook)

Student must be at least 18 years old while going on exchange

Mainland China (1)
  • Zhejiang University

2nd Term

See below for course information:

Below courses are NOT open to exchange students:
Industrial design
Urban planning
Fine art
Sports education related courses
Chu Kochen Honors College

(1) Not open to final year students.
(2) Only open to Year 1 and Year 2 students of 4-year curriculum.
(3) If you are a Year 3 student of 4-year curriculum, you are eligible to apply only if you agreed to extend your study for at least one Term and your expected Graduation Date will be after 31 July 2025.
(4) For local students holding Mainland Travel Permit for Hong Kong and Macau Residents only.
(5) Good knowledge of Putonghua is required.
(6) Most of the regular courses are taught in Putonghua.
(7) Students have to purchase Health Insurance by themselves.
(8) Scholarships offered by the Ministry of Education might be available for local students.

Mexico (1)
  • Tecnologico de Monterrey

1st Term, 2nd Term

Available Disciplines:

  • Only the Tec21 model will be offered
  • Business; Social Sciences and Government; Humanities and Education; Engineering and Sciences; Architecture, Art and Design (limited availability); Health Sciences (limited availability)
  • Health sciences courses will require approval from the faculty and international office

(1) Special programs designed for international students such as internship programs and volunteer social work may be available.
(2) On-campus accommodation available for application once admitted.

Netherlands (3)
  • School of BA & Economics (UW), Maastricht University
  • University of Groningen
  • University College Maastricht (UW), Maastricht University

1st Term

Available Disciplines:

• Economics and Business Economics
• Econometrics and Operations Research
• Fiscal Economics
• International Business

Course information:


For Faculty of Business Administration, Department of Economics and the Global Finance and Economics Programme students only

Maastricht University adopts the Problem-based Learning system. Students attend tutorial meetings, which require active participation. Performances in these tutorials will affect final course grade.

Not suitable for students who plan to apply for credit transfer from the institution in order to graduate in 2024-25.

2nd Term

Not for Faculty of Law students

Available Disciplines:

• Arts
• Behavioural and Social Sciences
• Economics and Business
• Mathematics and Natural Sciences
• Spatial Sciences
• Philosophy
• Theology and Religious Studies

Law is not open to exchange students

Programme webpage:


Courses are taught in Dutch and English

Not suitable for students who plan to apply for credit transfer from the institution in order to graduate in 2024-25.

2nd Term

Available Disciplines:

Social Sciences, Humanities, Sciences

Programme webpage:


(1)All courses are taught in English
(2)Problem-based learning method is adopted at UCM. Students attend tutorial meetings, which require active participation. Performances in these tutorials will affect final course grade.

Not suitable for students who plan to apply for credit transfer from the institution in order to graduate in 2024-25.

Singapore (1)
  • National University of Singapore

1st Term

See below for course information:

Exchange students will choose modules from the NG Modules list (available through open to Non-Graduating students subject to availability and meeting the pre-requisite requirements. You may also refer to the following link:

In general, modules offered by the following NUS Schools/Faculties are open to Exchange students in the NG Modules:
Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences
College of Design and Engineering
Faculty of Law
Faculty of Science
School of Computing

For module constraints and restrictions, please refer to the following:
NUS Business School modules are not available to students nominated through the University-level partnership. Graduate-level modules are not open to Undergraduate students.

For other restrictions, please refer to (under Step 3: Courses for Exchange Students)

There are only very limited modules offered by Saw Swee Hock School of Public Health for exchange students. Students are encouraged to consider taking modules from other faculties/Schools.


Not for Faculty of Business Administration students

(1) Not open to Singaporean and Malaysian citizens.
(2) Students must take up the compulsory NUS Health and Insurance Scheme (HINS) which is included in the Miscellaneous Student Fees.
(3) Business and Law exchange are by invitation only.
(4) Students are recommended to be flexible with the courses they take while at NUS.
(5) On-campus accommodation is not guaranteed.
(6) Students in their graduating year or are scheduled to complete their final year project are not preferred.
(7) Students who have been accepted to NUS will receive instructions via email for the Student’s Pass application.

United States (3)
  • University of Massachusetts Amherst
  • St. Edward's University
  • Brandeis University

1st Term, 2nd Term

Enrollment in specific courses are not guaranteed.

Course restrictions can be found at

(1) On campus housing is available as long as students complete housing application. Students are sent an email to request a housing appointment in April/November.

1st Term, 2nd Term, Year

Available Disciplines:

Behavioral & Social Sciences, Management and Business, Education, Humanities, Natural Sciences.

Course offerings for each semester are available online at
If the course schedule for the upcoming semester is not available yet, please refer to the same semester of the previous year. The schedule for Fall 2024 should be similar to Fall 2023, although there will be some changes


At least 12 credit hours each semester (approximately 4 or more courses);
more than 18 credit hours requires authorization by academic advisor.

1st Term, 2nd Term

  • Only courses within the College of Arts and Sciences are open to exchange students namely Anthropology, Biology, Chemistry, Computer Science, Economics, Education, Environmental Studies, Film, History, Physics, Politics, International and Global Studies, Psychology, Sociology, Fine Arts (some courses may require per-requisites and all are available subject to availability)
  • Business, Economics and Science courses are very limited and difficult to get into
  • Graduate-level courses are not open to exchange students


(1) On-campus housing and meal plan are mandatory and guaranteed.

Interested in applying for Exchange programmes?

Check out these 5 steps:

  1. Read the Exchange Institute Admission Requirements & Programme Details (updated on 5 Jan 2024). Think about which institutes fit you;
  2. Take language exams (IELTS/TOEFL) or language courses if you are planning to go to non-China countries;
  3. Prepare a copy of your academic transcript (of course study hard before);
  4. Attend the Exchange Introduction Session. Date and time to be confirmed. Stay tuned.
  5. Prepare for your Exchange Application and APPLY !

Application Method

Interested students should complete the online application by 10 November 2023. Applicants must also upload all valid supporting documents onto the online application form. The supporting documents include the following:

  1.  Copy of Transcript or Unofficial Transcript (until 2022/23 Summer Term)
  2.  PDF showing your CGPA (until 2022/23 Summer Term)
  3.  Obtained Certificates of Language proficiency test (if applicable)
  4.  Supporting documents of Scholarships obtained (if any)
  5. Supporting documents of participation in extracurricular activities (if any)

**Final year students can ONLY choose term-long exchange programmes held in Term 1 or whole year of year 2024-25.

Result Announcement

Friday, 2 February, 2024

Offer release (round A)
Monday, 5 February 2024 (17:00)

Deadline for Offer acceptance  (round A)

Deposit submission

Details of the second placement round are to be announced

Offer release (round B)


You may join the Facebook Group to read the sharing of previous participants


Miss Karen Sham

3943 3935

Application Timeline (updated on 16 October 2023)


Application Opens

Tue, 17 Oct 2023

Introduction Session

Mon, 30 Oct 2023


Online Application Deadline

Fri, 10 Nov 2023


27 Nov - 1 Dec 2023 (Tentative)


Deadline for the Submission of Transcript and IELTS/TOEFL Certificate

Mon, 22 Jan 2024

Deadline for finalizing choice of program

Mon, 22 Jan 2024


Offer release (round A)

Fri, 02 Feb 2024

WYS Deadline for Offer acceptance (round A)

Mon, 05 Feb 2024

WYS Deadline for Deposit Submission (round A)

Mon, 05 Feb 2024

WYS Offer release (round B)

once quota is released

Scholarships and Financial Aid

We support your dreams - you can apply for the Scholarship for Semester Exchange Programmes while applying for the Term-long Exchange Programme, and also get more information about the Exchange and Travel Grant / Loan . For students joining Term-long Exchange Programme organized by unit other than the College, one can apply for the Scholarship in Semester two before programme commencement.  


The Global Learning Award Scheme (GLAS) aims to encourage students to initiate or participate in non-local academic or experiential learning programmes with the main purpose of LEARNING. Applicants will be awarded the “Global Learning Award” and receive the award amount after completing all post-trip requirements on time.

Some examples are students’ self-initiating trips or joining overseas conferences, competitions, field trips, courses, internship/major-related placement, research, voluntary service, cultural tour. Programmes organized and subsidized by the College and Term-long Exchange Programmes are EXCLUDED.

In view of the pandemic, students could apply GLAS for virtual programmes, while there are some restrictions. Students who solely participate in organized programme without a personal contribution (e.g. attending a conference, online courses, etc.) are not eligible for applying GLAS, instead students’ contributions in the programme are required.

Below are some examples eligible for applying GLAS:

    • Presenting a paper in a conference
    • Giving a talk in a symposium
    • Participating in a joint project with students from other overseas universities
    • Participating in a research project


All Wu Yee Sun College students (except Exchange students) are eligible for application. The programme joined or planned must be finished by their corresponding graduation date.


Maximum Award Amount

The maximum award amount varies with the programme length and programme nature.

Programme Length

Programme Nature

Maximum Award amount

< 3 weeks

Self-initiated programmes

HK$10,000 or 100% of cost of the particular items
(whichever is lower)

Participating in organized programmes

HK$5,000 or 50% of cost of the particular items
(whichever is lower)

3 – 6 weeks

Self-initiated programmes

HK$12,000 or 100% of cost of the particular items
(whichever is lower)

Participating in organized programmes

HK$8,000 or 75% of cost of the particular items
(whichever is lower)

> 6 weeks

Self-initiated programmes

HK$18,000 or 100% of cost of particular items
(whichever is lower)

Participating in organized programmes


Application is opened twice a year - Winter and Summer Rounds. Students can submit only one application each year (i.e. 1 May 2024 – 30 Apr 2025), regardless of programme nature / programme length / individual or group application. Yet, there is no limit set for the number of applications throughout the years of studies. Before submitting the online application form, please read through all guidelines and samples below.


Applying for trips taken during

(for trips overlapping both rounds, first date of the trip shall determine the application period)

*In case of any difficulties submitting by the deadline, please inform by email at least 1 month before the deadline. 

Application period


1 Nov 2024 – 30 Apr 2025

1 May 2024 – 31 Oct 2024


1 May 2025 – 31 Oct 2025

1 Nov 2024 – 30 Apr 2025

iTeam and Mingle Fund

Want to meet friends from different nations? Want to host events with Exchange students? Want to expand your international knowledge?


Join the iTeam, which is a group of students dedicating to facilitate cultural exchange between local and non-local students. They have organized festive events in Lunar Chinese New Year, and also held Turkish Art event and World War II forum to let local students have a deeper understanding of culture and history in other regions.

Interested in being part of the iTeam? Send your SID, name, and contacts to Karen Sham ( The earlier you contact us, the earlier you can get in touch with the like-minded and your counterparts from different parts of the world!  


Mingle Fund

Your daily exciting activities with foreign College students can be supported by the College’s Mingle Fund too!

Mingle Fund aims at encouraging interaction among local and non-local students of Wu Yee Sun College. The Fund mainly supports daily and social activities with the participation of Both local students And non-local students (i.e. there should be at least one local student AND at least one non-local student.)

Successful applicants will receive subsidy on reimbursement basis. For each successful application, each participant may receive, at most, HK$100 subsidy for the activity.

Guideline (English only)

Application form (English only)


Internationalization Activity Fund

The Internationalization Activity Fund aims to support students to organize college- or hostel-level extracurricular activities which promote internationalization and inter-cultural exchange opportunities among members of the WYS community.


  1. All registered WYS student associations will be eligible for applying for financial support from the Fund.
  2. Local and non-local student bodies/students are also encouraged to apply for the funding to organize activities for promoting campus integration and cohesion.
  3. At least 70% participants should be local undergraduate students.

Applications are accepted all year round. Please complete the application form with proposal and budget plan, and submit them to Dean of Students’ Office, UG09, Wu Yee Sun College.

Successful applicants will receive funding on reimbursement basis. Students should submit evaluation report and original receipts to Dean of Students' Office within one month after the project completion date.

Application Guidelines (English only)
Application Form (English only)
Evaluation Report Template (English only)