Rance Lee Mentorship Programme

Rance Lee Mentorship Programme

With the generous funding support of our CUHK alumni Mr. Albert Wu and Mr. Philip Li, and the organization of the convenor Mr. Sai-yung Lau, this programme has been renamed as Rance Lee Mentorship Programme in honor of Prof. Rance Lee, the Founding Master of Wu Yee Sun College, since the year Prof. Lee retired in 2017.


Rance Lee Mentorship Programme is one of the most important elements in the College personal growth programme. It aims at supporting our students to build up multifunctional social networks by providing students with opportunities to learn from the experienced alumni and experts in different fields. Students can enrich their people skills, social networks, and career development through interacting with their mentors.


Group-to-group mentor-mentee model: 3-4 mentors (including Senior Mentors, Alumni Mentors and College teachers) will be matched with 4-6 mentees.

Mentors and mentees can spend some time getting to know each other and hanging out, followed by exploration of many possibilities together! Diversified backgrounds, different characters and various interests bring in creative insights among mentors and mentees.

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Lifelong Membership: 

Once joined, you will be the mentees until graduation. There will be extensive time for mentors and mentees to build up strong rapport. After graduation, you can serve as the Alumni Mentor. The programme ends with the beginning of life-long mentor-mentee relationship.


List of Mentors (2023/24)

Annual Activities 2023/24

Submit the Application Form for Rance Lee Mentorship Programme and be a Mentee now!

A HK$4,000 subsidy per annum for each group (a cap of $300 per head for one activity) is provided to support the mingle activities and gatherings of mentors and mentees. Prior approval for extra budget would need to be sought via the College from the Chairperson of Working Group for Rance Lee Mentorship Programme if the subsidy has been used up within a year.

Download the Instruction and Reimbursement Form of Activity Fund for Mentorship Gatherings

Ms. Connie Cheung (cconnieccheung@cuhk.edu.hk / 3943 3936)