Creativity Lab (c!ab)

A place to transform imagination into reality

The highlight of the College’s learning facilities surely is the Creativity Laboratory (c!ab), designed to be an ideal playground of Innovative ideas across a wide range of intellectual domains for students. A variety of Creativity Programmes have been staged!

c!ab is a space with partitioning and malleability. Students are encouraged to exchange ideas and have brainstorming at the idea zone with a number of books for inspiration; while students can transform their ideas into reality through conducting experiments and working on their prototypes at the create zone.



c!ab is managed by a Management Committee formed by teachers and advisors across different disciplines. With their diversified expertise, the Committee provides useful and practical support to c!ab including programme planning and professional guidance.

In order to have a more refined workflow, c!ab has established five key focuses - “Arts & Culture”,  “Design Thinking”, “Entrepreneurship & Management”, “Science & Technology” and “Socio-Political Innovations”. The supervisors and student conveners hold various activities from time to time and other College students are also encouraged to initiate their own projects by sharing ideas through c!ab website, compiling ideas into a proposal to get project grants and resources.


Facilities & Equipment

Equipped with professional hardware including sewing machine, power drills, woodworking tools, 3Doodler, iMac, photographic equipment, multi-media software and advanced server set up, c!ab provides an ideal environment for students to unleash their creativity and transform their vision into reality. c!ab is open 24-hour, allowing users to do brainstorming anytime.




You may join our Facebook Fan Page and Instragram to get the latest updates of c!ab or contact 3943 9767 / for any enquiries.