Sunny Rowing Race

Everyone knows that sports are important to keep you fit. However, how many of you can build regular exercise habits?

Workout with a buddy do help develop your workout habit! No matter if you go cycling in College Gym or jogging on stadium, with a buddy, you will find the time pass better, and you can motivate and encourage each other.

Let’s join the indoor Sunny Rowing Race to kick start your exercise routine with a buddy. We hope that you will maintain your exercise habit even after the Sunny Living Week! By establishing an exercise routine, your perseverance can be cultivated for different challenges in the future as well.

Date : 17/10/2022 (Mon)

Time :  6:00 - 8:00pm

Venue : College Gallery

Deposit : $100/ team (Refundable after competing the race)

PE Marks: 4

Competition Format :

2 participants in a team, which are formed by students themselves.


Rules  :

2 participants in a team will row for 1 km in total on an indoor rowing machine.

Each participant must row at least 200m in each turn before another teammate take over to continue the rowing.


Example (1) Teammate A rows 200m, followed by Teammate B to row the remaining 800m

Example (2) Teammate A rows 200m, followed by Teammate B to row 600m, and then Teammate A to row remaining 200m

(Each team shall make decision themselves on the rowing distance for each teammate)



The competition will be divided into Male Group and Female Group (A team consisting of both a male and a female participant belongs to Male Group). The top three fastest teams of each group will be awarded prizes.

Champion: $600 gift coupon (per team)
First runner-up: $400 gift coupon (per team)
Second runner-up: $200 gift coupon (per team)


Each team will also be awarded two café beverage coupons (valued at $30 each) if they can finish the race within the following target time:

Male Team : 5 mins
Female Team : 6 mins

Registration :

Enquiries : Ms. Queenie Chu ( 3943 9768)