Sunny Relay Race


Row for Strength
Run for Health
Ride for Sustainability

Sports certainly lead you to a healthy everyday life, but whether you are elite or amateur, the positive attitude including sportsmanship, teamwork and perseverance are valuable qualities we truly treasure.

Sunny Relay Race takes a further step to motivate students to incorporate sustainability into their exercise routines, which demonstrate not only the spirit of “Sports for Everyone”, but also our values of “Sunny Living”.

Date: 18th Sep, 2018 (Tue)
Time: 5:00 – 6:30pm
Venue: Central Courtyard

Team with your friends! (FULL)
Competition Format: 3 students will form as one group for the 3 tasks in the race. Students are welcome to form the group before submitting application. Individual applicants will be randomly grouped by College.

Part 1: Rowing
Student A will row on ergometer at Courtyard (LG/F) for 1 km

Four ergometers in gym available for your multi-purpose trainings

Part 2: Vertical Run
After Student A completes Part 1, Student B will run from LG/F to Terrace of Dreams (UG/F) then back to LG/F

Use stairs instead of lift is the baby step for establishing exercise routine and conserving energy

Part 3: Smoothie Ride
After Student B completes Part 2, Student C will ride on Smoothie Bicycles for 3 cups of smoothies.

Cycling for a drink that leads us to green living! Never limit your imagination!


Participation Award: Herb-plant + Water Bottle + Towel
Winner Award: $300 sports shop coupon for the fastest group (max. 3 students)

Ride for super-chilling smoothie! (Welcome to Walk-in)
Student audience can try the smoothie-ride bicycles after the competition! Nutritionist from Green Monday will give you tips on how to achieve balanced diet with green eating!


Get a $1,000 sports shop coupon by completing the SUNNY LIVING CHALLENGE on Instagram!
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Application: (Deadline: 11th Sep, 2018)

PE Marks: 4
Enquiries: Miss Kathy Fong (3943-3942 /