Hostel Introduction


The College hostels can accommodate 604 students in 302 twin rooms.  The Sky Garden on 5/F as well as the common room with balconies on each floor are great places for residents to socialise.


Hostel facilities include:

  • In-room Air-conditioning
  • Wi-Fi Coverage
  • In-room Internet Access Point (ResNet)
  • Laundry Rooms on 9/F of East Block and B/F of West Block
  • Common Room on Every Floor with Television, Drinking Dispenser (Cold/Hot Water), Induction Cooker, Iron, Iron Board and First-Aid Box
  • Vending Machines on 5/F 
  • Tuck Shop run by Resident Association on 5/F of West Block; Check their Instagram for operating hours
  • Mailbox, Entertainment and Rest Area at G/F Lift Lobbies

Do bring your own bedding items and kitchen utensils as appropriate!



  Further information and hostel updates can be found on the "Hostel Events, Hostel News and Information for Residents" page!