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The College Service-learning Project Funding Scheme, is part of the “Yan Chak Service-Learning Programme” which aims to broaden the horizons of College students and foster their commitment to serve the local, regional and international communities, leading to sustainable personal growth and development. Service-Learning projects initiated by one or a group of College students or co-organized by College students and external organizations, are both welcome for application of the Funding Scheme. If you have any ideas about organizing any short-term or long-term Service-learning projects, don’t hesitate to apply for our Service-learning Project Funding Scheme. Take the initiative to make your Service-learning projects come true! Talk to Karen ( / 3943 3935) if you have any enquiries.

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Sharing from previous applicants

(1) Service Trip to Thailand

Born in such a high-tech, fast paced society, we often forget how simple it is to be happy, and the kids we have met there have given us a reminder on that. Our trip to Yaowawit School, Phang Nga in Thailand made us recognize the importance to help underprivileged children in education and society by simply dedicating our time and building emotional connections with them. 

There are multiple focuses throughout the trip, including the mural painting project and maintenance work of the campus. To ensure that we have time to bond with the kids in person, we also arranged lessons, play groups, social activities and outings with them. This trip provides us with an opportunity to question on materialistic desires we chase after, while forgetting to be grateful of the little things we have. 

We strongly encourage other college students to spread happiness and make more positive influences through service trips as the more fortunate members in society. More importantly, we believe small actions can create a huge difference in our communities.


(2) Voice of History ( Mei Ho and Sai Wan)

The Voice of History had been supported by the College Service-Learning Project Funding Scheme to deliver our pilot scheme - Voice of Mei Ho, and first programme - Voice of Sai Wan. The Voice of History believes promoting intergenerational communion can build a harmonious society.

Our project targets two social problems: the distant relationship between different generations and weak community history inheritance. In the programmes, we held community tour, interview, scriptwriting, radio drama and local crafts workshops for primary students which leads to the establishment of mutual understanding between the green and grey generation. At last, we successfully allow our targets: primary students and the elderly to connect by creating a radio drama together, and triggered youngsters interest in history. Since the elderly are familiar with the radio drama (A popular platform for people to get a grasp of the society in the old days), they are more willing to share the past with the future generations. Hence, the programme effectively fostered a bond between seniors and young people.

Thanks to the enormous support from college for us to achieve our commitment to serving society. If you are interested in upholding social responsibility, don't hesitate to apply this funding scheme!

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(3) Volunteering Education Programme to Cambodia  

We three (Colbert, Tracy, Steve) cofounded the first-ever student-initiated large-scale volunteering education programme (VED) in our College. Last December, we successfully led 12 students from the College to Siem Reap and taught more than 200 primary school children there. We cooperated with a local university (Paññāsāstra University of Cambodia) and recruited 10 Cambodian volunteers to bridge the language barrier. At the moment, we are also determined to translate the programme into a real and sustainable impact.  

The reason we are so devoted to volunteering education is our belief that education is the lighting of fire instead of the filling of piles. In the era of inequality, education must reach the bottom of society and enlighten people to pursue their rights, dignity, and dreams.  

We would like to express our hugest gratitude to the College for its generous support both on finance and advice. Without the guidance of the College staff and teachers, we would not be able to complete a successful trip.