Exchange Programmes

Italian Cultural Tour

Florence has been for centuries fertile ground for great achievements both in the arts and in the sciences. Join the Italian Cultural Tour in Summer 2024 to be inspired by the artistic, scientific & social developments of Florence.

Programme Details:

Destination: Florence, Italy

Date: 1 – 10 August 2024 (9 nights: Arrive in Florence on 1 Aug, dismiss in Florence on 10 Aug; Round-trip transportation to be arranged and paid by students)

Leading Teacher: Dr. Klaus COLANERO (Office of University General Education)

Center: International Student Center G. La Pira (NGO)

Programme Contents:

~ Visits to world famous museums and other locations (e.g. Uffizi, Giardino di

Boboli, Collection of historical anatomical waxes at the Museum of Natural


~ Activities such as cooking classes;

~ Meetings and interactions with local initiatives on "civil economy"/social

enterprises, innovations in social care and in addressing climate change;

~ Day trip(s) to nearby destination(s), e.g. Pisa

College Subsidy: Accommodation (Apartment inside the Student Center or similar) and Selected cultural activities

Self-paying: Airfare, meals and other daily expenses

Deposit: HK$2,000 (Refundable upon completion of trip and attendance of pre-trip meetings)

Quota: 10-15 students


Interview: 13 March 2024 (Wed)

Pre-trip Meetings: 27 March 2024 (Wed), 6:45pm - 8:15pm; 18 July 2024 (Thu), 3:00pm - 4:30pm

Apply by 4 March 2024

Enquiries: Ms Erica Leung (3943 3942 / / Miss Karen Sham (3943 3935 /