WYS’s Got Talents – Photography, Poster Design, MC and a lot more!

The College is recruiting all sorts of talents to contribute in various College events. If you are interested in or excellent at any of the fields below, register now! Students may be invited for an interview for further discussion.


--- Photography / Video-production

--- Master of Ceremonies

--- Simultaneous Interpretation

--- Organizing workshop for College students

--- Audio-Visual Support

--- Writing (e.g. creative writing or student reporter in publications)

--- Art & Design (e.g. posters or infographics)


Let us know what you are interested in and excellent at:



Don’t hide your talents, shine in the College!


Enquires: Miss Linda Tsang (3943 3934/ lindatsang@cuhk.edu.hk)

                  Miss Kiki Chan (3943 9775/ kikiwkchan@cuhk.edu.hk)