Wu Yee Sun Express - 12th College Anniversary



“Your attention please. This is the limited express train 🚂 ‘Anniversary No.12’ bound for Wu Yee Sun College🎓. We will stop at Campus Run🏃🏃, 523 Banquet🍽, Sunny Fest🎏 and Adventure Tracks‍ on the way.”


This year is Wu Yee Sun College’s 12th Anniversary🎊 and we are arranging various activities to celebrate her birthday🎉🎉  The W.Y.S. Express 🚇 is inaugurated to deliver all of us to the festivities🚝


Link for train tickets🎟to all stations :



1st Station : Campus Run🏃🏃

From the valleys of CWC to the steep challenge🗻 outside Shaw is our spirit heard. Join our campus run👟 to enjoy the feeling of keeping fit.

Date:Nov 1 (Fri)

Time:11:30-13:00 (Registration starts at 10:55)

Location:College Lobby

4 PE marks are awarded to participants taking PE courses


2nd Station : 523 Banquet🍽

Autumn breeze💨 is the season of many things: Maple Leaves🍁, Halloween👻, and heart-warming Chicken Pots🍗. Feast on the Chicken Pots and enjoy the show🎭 together!

Date:Nov 4 (Mon)

Time:18:40-21:30 (Entrance Starts at 18:00)

Location:College Canteen

Chicken Pot hotpot is served

😈Special guests including Tommy Yuen @E-Kids will deliver us a great performance

🎁Maybe you are the one that wins the first prize in the lucky draw🍀

🚨Sign up in the link above before 1/11


3rd Station : Sunny Fest🎏

You will be shocked by the sheer variety of things sold😋🍻, so prepare your wallets💸 and stomachs🐖. Come support your friends💁‍💁‍or for those daring - open a stall of your own

Date:Nov 5 (Tue)


Venue:College Courtyard

Performances and 🎪Game Booths are set and ready

🚨Apply for a stall in the link above before 1/11


4th Station : Adventure Tracks

Innovative sports activities seems to be the trend📈 of these days, and surely we are also jumping on this wagon🚃. Enjoy a whole night full of sports - it is going to be a good stress killer🔚

Date:14/11 (Thur)


Venue:College Canteen

Track 1:Ball Strike⚽

Track 2:Archery Tag🏹

Track 3:Rolling Stock🚂


🚨4 PE marks are awarded to participants taking PE courses (again!)


“This is the Final Stop🚦 of this train. Please remember to take away all of your sweet memories🍬 and happiness ☺ with you. Thank you for riding with us and we hope to see you again.”