The Way To Success Course (TWTS) 成功之道 : Grasp the last chance, Deadline TOMORROW!!!

The Way To Success Course (TWTS) 成功之道: Grasp the last chance, Deadline TOMORROW!!!

The Way To Success Course teaches students how to be successful leaders and focuses on students’ holistic development. Seasoned business executives and experts in international education collaborate to build the TWTS curriculum and teach TWTS courses, resulting in a program rich in practical experience, real-world professional skills and mentorship opportunities.

Students will have a solid understanding of themselves as significant and responsible individuals, and understand their personal and corporate responsibility to others. They become positive influencers in their daily lives and chosen professions, and are recognized for their personal character, employability, social responsibility, and cross-cultural skills.

Course Description
The Way To Success introduces students to the concepts of servanthood, integrity and soft skills leadership in both theory and practice. The curriculum focuses on the identification and integration of soft skills and how these can be utilized to impact the student personally and their spheres of influence.

At the completion of this course, students will have obtained:

  • An increased ability to manage adversity and overcome life’s challenges.
  • A positive outlook on themselves and the world around them.
  • Soft skills for interacting effectively and harmoniously with other people.
  • Inspiration and strategies to make a positive contribution to their community.
  • Increased focus on serving others’ needs.

Prospective Students
This course is for students who want to better equip themselves to achieve their personal and professional goals. In particular, students who aspire to leadership will benefit greatly from this course.

Course Details 



7 Oct 2017 (Sat)

The Way to Success

14 Oct 2017 (Sat)

Communication with Impact

4 Nov 2017 (Sat)

Life Management

11 Nov 2017 (Sat)

Trust & Integrity

18 Nov 2017 (Sat)

Servant Leadership

25 Nov 2017 (Sat)

Failing Forward

Venue: W112, Wu Yee Sun College
Time : 9:45am-12:45pm
Language : English
Course Fee : Free for students attending at least 5 lessons
Refundable deposit : $850
Application deadline : 26 Sep 2017

*Students are required to attend an interview on 28 Sep 2017 afternoon.
**A certificate will be issued by CEO Global to students who have attended at least 5 lessons

Course Registration :

Please click here to view the details of teachers and mentors and here to view students’ reflection.

Enquiries : Miss Valentina Tsang ( 3988)
                   Ms Michelle Li ( 3943 3933)