Sunny Passion Programme 2022/23 - Open for Application

Sunny Passion Programme invites all WYS students to submit the proposals that echo the following core values of the College: Creativity, Entrepreneurship and Social Responsibility. Each enrolled team collaborate to enhance the practicability of project. It is not merely a competition, but also an exchange of ideas! Gold Award: HK$10,000 Silver Award: HK$6,000 Bronze Award: HK$4,000

Please refer to College website for details. (

Creativity: Any wild thoughts are welcome!
Social Responsibility: Create positive social impact with your innovative ideas!
Collaboration: All enrolled teams, WYS and other CUHK students will render feedback to help you refine the ideas!

Express your ideas into a proposal with your ingenious creativity, and make our society a better one!   

Eligibility: All WYS students can apply individually or in group (A group MUST comprise of at least 50% WYS students and the other 50% may be students from other colleges.)

List of Awardees for Sunny Passion Programme 2021-22

Award Awardees Project Objective

Huang Jingyi (IBBA/5)

Chen Qiaochu (PACC/5)

Kuang Enying (SOCI/5)

Li Rui (LLB/5)

Li Ruoshui (PACC/4)

Wong Chi Wa (MATH/4)

CUWeCREATE – A cultural creative platform for CUers

To establish a cultural creative platform for co-creation among teachers and students of CUHK, aiming to increase the sense of belonging and promote cross-cultural exchange on campus


Wong Mei Yan (QFIN/2)

Wong King Yung (NURS/3)

I am not…

To create an online platform for sharing basic medical knowledge, promoting disability inclusion, eliminating discriminations and misunderstanding caused by ignorance


Lee Pui Ling (TRAN/4)


To introduce reusable packages to online stores in Hong Kong for reducing waste

More details about their project ideas can be viewed here. Once again, congratulations to all the award-winning teams!