Sunny Living Week 2020

Music Sharing by College Master


To many of us, the past year may have been one uncertain and stressful year. Music has the power to distress, comfort, connect and rebuild. To kick start Sunny Living Week, College Master Professor Anthony Chan did a music sharing on 5 Oct 2020. Let’s take a break, listen to music and enjoy the peaceful moment together.

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Music Buffet

“The Girl from Ipanema” and “Someday My Prince will Come” <New>


Wanna listen to more jazz music?! We have Barry Lam's Jazz & Trio to present “The Girl from Ipanema” and “Someday My Prince will Come” to round up the Music Buffet of Sunny Living Week. Hope you enjoy and have a nice weekend!

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Love original music?! Here is another original piece named re:me, composed by RE:MEMBER. Hope this piece can inject positive energy into you and rock you!

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“Precious Child”  


Feel so great with music! Today, we have “Flat 9” to present “Precious Child”, which is originally composed by George Talbot.

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“Sweet Memories” and “Days of Wine and Roses”


Feel so good with jazz! Let’s take a break and enjoy jazz music! We have TWO bands “Aa & Elaine’s Duo” and “Barry Lam’s Jazz and Trio” to present “Sweet Memories” and “Days of Wine and Roses” respectively. Hope we can chill you out during the Sunny Living Week!

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Different music will be broadcasted every day during Sunny Living Week. Stay tuned for more relaxation music at WYS YouTube Channel!

Virtual Eco-cultural Tour

Sitting comfortably on your sofa? Give yourself a 20-minute break from the hassles: Time to virtually tour around the river valley adjacent to Starling Inlet (沙頭角海) to learn about the eco-system and its relationship to the cultural inheritance of Hakka people resided there since three centuries ago.

Follow Prof. Kwai-cheong Chau (鄒桂昌教授), Chairman of Campus Environment Committee and Mr. Chi-yip Kung (龔志業), our alumnus, for an eye-opening experience how Hakka people lived off the land in Kai Kuk Shue Ha (雞谷樹下), Fung Hang (鳳坑) and Kuk Po (谷埔).

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