Self-Motivation Fund for Health and Well-being Activities

Self-Motivation Fund for Health and Well-being Activities
encourages students to participate in various kinds of health and well-being activities in order to bring everyone health, happiness and/or satisfaction.

Eligibility :
For Wu Yee Sun College students who participate in health and well-being activities organized by organization(s) other than the College

There are two categories of activities you can apply :
(i) Health and Well-being Activities 
Examples :
Healthy Cooking, Baking Class, Trial Course on Musical Instruments, Course about Nutrition or Chinese Medicine, Mindfulness Workshop, Mental Health First Aid Course

Funding amount : maximum $1500 or 80% of total application fee and course fee  (whichever is lower)
[Maximum funding amount per student per year : $4000]

(ii) Qualification Courses for Health and Well-being Instructors
Examples :
Mindfulness-Based Cognitive Therapy (MBCT) Instructor Course, Art / Music Therapy Instructor Course

Funding amount : maximum $4000 or 80% of course fee (whichever is lower)  

Take a look at the guidelines and the reflection template and start your healthy life now!!!

Application :

Miss Phoebe Wu (3943 3988 /