Open letter from College Heads/ Masters and Dean of Graduate School

Dear Students,

Once again, a new season and a new vista are upon us as we welcome the Year of the Rat, the Chinese zodiac animal often associated with ingenuity and vivacity.  We wish you the same ingenuity and vivacity in a successful and healthy new lunar year.

Looking back, the past year was tinged with not a small dose of tears, anger, and anxiety.  Today, when we see our campus largely restored to its former beauty and meet up with friends and schoolmates, there is cause for optimism and gratitude, even if we do not yet completely comprehend the complexity of recent events.  The University is the place of freedom for the pursuit of knowledge, engagement in open debates and discussions, exploration of societal and global issues, and development of constructive changes and solutions. Most importantly, the University must be valued for being a citadel of relentless pursuit of truth for the betterment of the future of humankind.

This edifice of knowledge you find yourselves in today is the collective legacy of multiple generations of CUHK students and teachers of the past decades.  It therefore falls upon every one of us to cherish and care for it.  The whole-person educational ideals of CUHK and its core values of “Through Learning and Temperance to Virtue” and inclusiveness bind and oblige us all.

Those educational ideals and core values are embedded in our collegiate traditions.  College life at CUHK is the genuine expression and practice of whole-person education, which gives every student the opportunity to explore and experiment with life opportunities.  The Colleges are also a secure home for learning and living, where learning is fun and diversity and inclusiveness are practised by building friendships that cut across racial, cultural, and socio-economic divides.  We hope to enable dialogue, and peaceful coexistence as kindred spirits on our campuses, as clear expressions of the vivacity of collegial spirit at CUHK.

In the face of social unrest and disturbances, the University and the Colleges must stand firm on their missions of passing on their legacy, disseminating knowledge and nurturing critical thinking, as well as caring for the physical and mental well-being of our students.  But we also look to our students to act as engaged and responsible members of the University and the Colleges by respecting the relevant codes and regulations, and by protecting and cherishing the campus environment to help create a home that embraces diversity and mutual respect.

Universities nurture youth.  Young people are the cornerstone of the future of Hong Kong.  We sincerely wish that all of you will treasure your time at CUHK, and acquire the knowledge and skills to become able contributors to society.  A very happy Chinese New Year to you all!


Prof. Fong Wing-ping, Head of Chung Chi College

Prof. Henry Wong, Head of New Asia College

Prof. Jimmy Chai-mei Yu, Head of United College

Prof. Andrew C.F. Chan, Head of Shaw College

Prof. Nicholas Rawlins, Master of Morningside College

Prof. Wong Wing-shing, Master of S.H. Ho College

Prof. Chan Wai-yee, Master of CW Chu College

Prof. Anthony T.C. Chan, Master of Wu Yee Sun College / Dean of the Graduate School

Prof. Joseph W.Y. Lau, Master of Lee Woo Sing College