Online Social English Workshops 2020-21


Can you understand the following conversation? 

“How was your date with Sam? Are you guys going out?”
“No, afterward I sent him a text and he blueticked me. Then he ghosted!”
“Oh no! Well, there are plenty of other fish in the sea.”
“Good, because I have bigger fish to fry!”

If you want to learn more about:
The Language of Friendship and Dating; Social Networking and Memes; Informal Language and Idioms; Improvisation and building Confidence; and Popular Culture,

Join our Social English Workshops!

Instructor: Ms. Jenna Lara COLLETT

Ms. Jenna COLLETT is a Lecturer at the English Language Teaching Unit.  She obtained her Masters in English Literature from Rhodes University.  Originally from South Africa, Ms. Collett has lived and taught in South Korea and Hong Kong. She has taught courses in English Literature, English for Academic and Specific Purposes, and Conversational English for ten years.

Date: 15 Oct, 22 Oct & 29 Oct (Thu)
Time: 6:30 pm – 8:00 pm

The workshops will be conducted via ZOOM. Participants will receive the ZOOM link 3 days before the workshops.


Deadline: 7 Oct


Enquiries: Miss Phoebe Wu ( / 3943 3988)