Male Make-up Class

male-makeup-class-001Grooming and make-up is no longer the privilege for women. Nowadays, it’s not rare for men to wear make-up during the special occasions like social gathering or job interviews. If you’re interested in grooming and make-up, you’re welcome to join the male make-up class on 23 Oct (Thu), organized by c!ab. Ricky Kazaf, a famous youtuber and make-up artist, is invited to lead a tutorial and share tips for the male make-up. Interested students please click here for registration! <Male ONLY>

Date : 23 Oct, 2018

Time : 7:30 pm - 9pm

Venue : c!ab, WYS College

Instructor : Ricky Kazaf, Make-up artist

Registration :…/1FAIpQLSeOojUkj__RwqlIjO…/viewform