Low Carbon Tourism Book Sharing Session


Wu Yee Sun College students have co-authored a book entitled《低碳。好行》(Low Carbon Tourism), in name of a student-run non-profit organization V’air Hong Kong – an online platform for local travel. V’air is living up to Wu Yee Sun College’s core value – “Creativity” and “Social Responsibility”. V’air also got the College’s support through the funding scheme Sunny Passion Programme 2017.

The book includes 39 routes in the rural and urban areas in Hong Kong, with the aim of promoting local tourism. In addition, low-carbon tips and ecological knowledge are written in every piece to remind readers the importance of preserving the environment with a responsible attitude. 

We’re so proud to have the authors to hold a book sharing session in Creativity Laboratory of Wu Yee Sun College. The authors will share the journey of establishing V’air and completing the book. Intellectual discussion on the philosophy of low-carbon lifestyle and local tourism will be included.

Details as below:

Date : 13 Feb 2018 (Tue)

Time : 1900 - 2000

Address : UG/F., Creativity Laboratory (c!ab) of Wu Yee Sun College

All CUHK staff and students are welcome and it’ll be our great honor to have your present. Please reverse a seat through the following link http://goo.gl/WG21Mp

Join hands in combatting the imminent climate crisis!