Jockey Club – UNESCO HK Association “Global Citizenship Education” Project


Introduction (Tertiary Version: First Year Cycle – 2018-2019)

Aims and Objectives

To instill in the secondary and tertiary students an understanding of Global Citizenship Education (GCE), particularly about the 17 UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDG), through script-writing and theatre performances.
For tertiary students, the focus is Mental Health and Well-Being.

Student Activities

Each team will have preferably 8 to 10 students, jointly producing ONE Drama Script in Chinese only. The activities for all students will be in Sept-Dec 2018.

First Phase – Sept - Dec 2018
(a) GCE (Launch + General Assembly) --- 1 session (3 hrs)
(b) GCE (Training Workshops at Institution) --- 2 sessions (2 hrs each)
(c) Study Visits --- 2 sessions (2 hrs each)
(d) Script Writing (Seminar) --- 1 session (3 hrs)
(e) Script Writing (Training at Institution) --- 2 sessions (3 hrs)
-Total Learning Hours: 20 Hours
-Providers: (a) to (c) by UHKA; (d) and (e) by HKRT

Jan 2019 – Selection of One Best Script from Tertiary Teams
-Providers: UHKA & HKRT

Second Phase – Jan-Feb 2019
For the Best Team Only: Drama Performance Learning --- 5 sessions (2 hrs each)
-Total Learning Hours: 10 Hours
-Providers: HKRT

Selection of 2 Best Students to represent Hong Kong in UN Event
-Providers: UHKA & HKRT

Trip to UN Event
-Number of Sessions: 1 session
-Total Learning Hours: A Few Days
-Providers: UHKA

Performance in Global Citizenship Festival in Feb 2019 (Best Team)
-Number of Sessions: 1 session
-Total Learning Hours: 1 Day
-Providers: UHKA

*HKRT = Hong Kong Repertory Theatre

All participants will be given a Certificate of Appreciation as “UN GCE-SDG Ambassadors.” Teams of Merit and Winning Teams will be given recognitions and awarded trophies.


Executive Manager:                Dr. KK Yuen                          2312-7696 (off) 9604-1139 (mob)


Project Executive:                    Mr. Wilson Wong              6811-8433 (mob)


HKRT Outreach and Education Executive   Ms. Joyce Tse 3103-5970 (off)