Healthy Organic Veggie Cooking Competition - RESCHEDULED to 21 Sep



Is organic food healthier?

How green eating benefits to the environment?

Come and join us to learn how to cook delicious and nutritious cuisines using organic veggies, and prepare your unique veggie dishes for the cooking competition!

Date21/9/2018 (Fri)
Time : 11:45am-2:15pm [RESCHEDULED]
Instructor : Ms April Hiu Ching Wong [ Qualified nutritionist (Hong Kong Nutrition Association)]
VenueCollege Courtyard
Deposit : $50/per person (To be refunded after competing the activity)

Competition Format :  2-3 participants in a group. Students are welcome to form the group before submitting application. Individual applicants will be randomly grouped by the College.

(Instructor will teach one kind of veggie dish. Each group needs to create one more veggie dish using the provided veggies. Instructor will give advices to each group during competition)

Registration :

Registration Deadline : 19/9/2018

An organic healthy snack will be given to each participant; $300 YATA department store coupons will be awarded to the winning group.

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Enquiries :
Miss Carly Lau ( 3988)