French Survival Language Activtity



Imagine one day you go to France for travelling, do you know how to greet a person? Do you know how to bargain for a cheaper price when going shopping? Do you know how to count the numbers? If you want to learn basic French for SURVIVAL in France and try some yummy French food, you are most welcomed to join the “International Cultural Festival--French SURVIVAL Language Activity”.


Event Details


Date: 1st Feb 2018 (Thur)

Time: 6:45pm – 8:15pm

Venue: Room W112, WYS College

Quota: 25 (Both Local and International Students are welcomed to join. Priority given to students who do NOT speak any French; first-come-first-served)

Instructor:  Mr. Louis Jean MUNSCH [Department of Linguistics and Modern Languages]

Program Content:

  • Learn basic French for greeting and survival via activity
  •  French food tasting (Macaron, Cheese, Baguette, etc.)


Registration deadline: 2pm, 29th January 2018


  • Kathy ( / 3943 3942)
  • Katie ( / 3943 3935 )