French SURVIVAL Language Activity

Imagine one day you go to France and would like to say hello to a charming French boy or girl, do you know how to greet him/her? And do you know what to say when you go shopping in France especially when you want to bargain for a cheaper price? If you want to learn basic French for SURVIVAL in France and try some French food, come to meet Mr. Mr. Louis in the “International Cultural Festival--French SURVIVAL Language Activity”.


Event Details

Date: Wed, 15th Feb 2017

Time: 6:45 – 8:15pm

Venue: Room W112-114, WYS College

Quota: 25 (priority given to students who do NOT speak any French; first-come-first-served)

Instructor: Mr. Louis Jean MUNSCH [Department of Linguistics and Modern Languages]

Program Content:
• Learn basic French for greeting and survival via interactive activities
• French food tasting (Macaron, Cheese, Baguette, etc.)

Registration deadline: 2:00pm, 9th Feb 2016

Kathy ( 3943 3942 )

Katie ( 3943 3935 )