Eco-cultural Tour: Hakka Culture @ Kuk Po

We will explore along Kai Kuk Shue Ha (雞谷樹下), Fung Hang (鳳坑) and Kuk Po (谷埔). Mangroves rooted in the brackish area will keep you for a few moments to appreciate its ecological benefits and the magnificent coastal view adjacent to the Starling Inlet (沙頭角海). Many Hakka people resided in these villages. Why did Hakka people move to these areas? How did they live off the land? Having moved to the South, what did Hakka people do to enhance their sense of security? Prof. Kwai-cheong CHAU, Chairperson of Campus Environment Committee, will lead the tour and visit Kuk Po Lo Wai, the oldest Hakka village there that built more than 300 years ago, to ponder our thoughts on the relationship between natural environment, Hakka cultural inheritance and rural land planning. 

Date: 29 October 2022 (Saturday)

Time: 8:30am - 2:00pm

Shuttle Bus


Wu Yee Sun College

University Station







Route: Kai Kuk Shue Ha (雞谷樹下) > Fung Hang (鳳坑) > Kuk Po (谷埔)

Registration (Deadline: 21 October 2022)

Deposit: HK$100 (Please submit deposit to College Office by application deadline. Deposit will be refunded after completion of the activity.)

PE Marks: 4

Remarks: Participants should wear suitable sports wear, bring water, light food, sunscreen, mosquito repellent and other necessary personal gear.