Creative video - Let’s Explore SUN.Peachtopia together!


Prof. Kwai-cheong Chau (鄒桂昌教授), Chairman of Campus Environment Committee, Prof. Annisa Lee (李賴俊卿教授), Director of Creativity Laboratory, together with a group of students from Green Team and Creativity Laboratory, have jointly collaborated on a Chinese New Year Exhibition called SUN.桃花源 (Sun. Peachtopia) in the gallery to showcase the timely new year flowers, riddles, wishes, poems, paintings and video for the celebration of the beginning of a new Chinese year.


The group has visited a local peach blossom farm and learned a lot about peach blossom trees. We have edited the <SUN.桃花源> video for your viewing. In this video, you will find out how peach blossom trees are planted, get to know the development of the local farm and learn how to use the by-product of peach blossom trees to prepare delicious dessert. Do not miss the cooking demonstration of Peach Gum (桃膠) at the end of the video. Let’s explore Sun. Peachtopia <SUN.桃花源>at our college YouTube channel<> together!


You are invited to come and visit SUN.桃花源 Exhibition at College gallery from now on till 25 February, 2021. We have two big Peach Blossoms on display to enhance your New Year good fortune. Do not forget to stop by and solve the difficult riddles designed by our Dean of Students! We will give out prizes to reward those who figure out the most correct answers to the riddles. Come take the challenge and start the new year with a nice prize!