c!ab Presents - 523 Sakura Festival



the beginning of spring,
the season of graduation activities,
the prime time for sakura blossoms to bloom.

Sakura captivates with its delicate beauty, even though it is tragically short-lived. However, their fragility reminds us of our youth, always chasing after our dreams, constantly growing until it blossoms into magnificent petals of hope. Being surrounded by Sakura blossoms, we are also able to revel in the miracle that we met our companions, experiencing the beauty of the flowers as we forget all of our worries. We sincerely hope all of you can share this happiness at the "523 Sakura Festival" presented by c!ab.

A series of activities stimulating your FIVE senses will be staged.

Details as below:

FREE Dessert in Sakura Presentation
19/3 | 8:00pm | Gallery

Sakura Pendant Making Workshop
21/3 | 7:00pm | c!ab
Apply Now: http://bit.ly/SakuraPendantMaking

Shibori Indigo Dyeing Workshop
26/3 | 7:00pm | c!ab
Apply Now: http://bit.ly/ShiboriIndigo

"WYS ON AIR" - Canteen Broadcast
25/3, 27/3 & 29/3 (Photo Day) | 7:00pm | Canteen
Message Collection Box: http://bit.ly/WYSOnAir