c!ab OLD HONG KONG exhibition




Student convenors of Creativity Laboratory, clabbers, organized an exhibition called OLD HONG KONG (懷舊香港) in the gallery to showcase Hong Kong traditional crafts, which included frame bags, traditional minibus signs, neon lights, film photos and tie dye cloths, handmade by clabbers.  

A series of glass-tube-made neon light art decorations made by our college students were also showcased. They were the awardees of c!ab neon lights design competition and used the traditional technique to create their neon light art decorations in a workshop. In this exhibition, you can find the artworks of a neon light master, Jive, preserving the traditional technique by transforming the glass-tube-made neon signs into light art decorations; while the works of other supporter of this exhibition, Amazing Neon HK, is using new technology LED to mimic the traditional look of neon signs.

You are invited to come and visit OLD HONG KONG exhibition at College gallery from now on till 28 January, 2022. Don’t forget to stop by. Take a photo on the nostalgia setting of the exhibition, share your thoughts about the old Hong Kong and learn some stories about old Hong Kong.