c!ab Art and Nature series – Singing Bowl Workshop


Date: 3 Oct
Time: 7:00-9:30pm
Venue: c!ab

c!ab proudly presents a series of workshops featuring the matrix of Art and Nature. Our student conveners, known as clabbers, hope the participants can get a way to de-stress and appreciate the natural beauty around us through taking part in a series of workshops.

The first activity is Singing Bowl Workshop – A journey of Experiencing.

Sound and vibration is a kind of natural healing. As if when we are paying attention to the sound of nature like wave, raindrops, wind, birds’ singing ... etc, we may experience the sound of a set of hand-made Tibetan singing bowls with the same attitude.

You are invited to open your senses to feel how the sound and vibration resonates with the frequency of your body. By simply relaxing, you could explore how your body and mind will response to it.  Will it be deep relaxation and soothing? Peace and tranquility? Awareness and alert? Or other possibilities at that moment?  Let’s discover through the sound journey together.

Please click Singing Bowl Workshop for further info and application. We hope participants can have fun with this meditation experience!