c!ab Art and Nature series – Porcelain Painting Workshop


Porcelain painting is a kind of drawing on glazed porcelain wares, such as plates, bowls, vases or statues etc. This kind of drawing started in China in the 7th or 8th century and spread to Korea and Japan, in which such art form has become very popular in the later stage. In the 16th century, it’s further developed into a kind of product for trade in Europe.  Porcelain painting became a popular hobby for the middle-class women in North America and Europe in late 19th century and it has been perceived as one of the fine art forms.

c!ab has been granted full funding to invite professional instructor Terese Chan to lead students into the journey of hand painting porcelain. Participants can create their designs with animals and plants element to echo with c!ab Art and Nature Series. We hope students can learn more about the craftwork through this course and go through the meditative experience through art. The finishing products with such a historical art form will be exhibited in the college gallery for a few weeks to inspire the others.

Should you be interested in joining the workshop, please click this link bit.ly/clabppw for registration. Please be reminded to submit HK$100 deposit to the college office (G/F) on or before 16 Oct by 5pm to complete the registration. 


* Remarks:

1) All artworks have to be sent back to the studio for baking after the workshop

2) Participants can only collect their work after exhibited in the college gallery

3) Quota limited. WYS students/members have the priority to join the workshop


Teacher: Terese Chan (Director & Instructor)

Being keen on arts and crafts, Terese graduated from the University of Huddersfield with a degree in graphic design, taking the role as graphic designer and gallery manager. Her passion drives her to travel around the world, enables her to become a Porcelarts instructor with certificates accredited by Japan Vogue Club. She possesses the professional qualification of Zentangle recognized by the U.S., Découpage and Japanese clay crafts. With her diversified styles, she designs the course module to inspire and uncover student’s uniqueness through their own creations. She believes that there’s an artist in each and everyone of us, but lack of the opportunity and platform to showcase our talents!


She strongly feels that there is a need of space for Hong Kong people for relaxation and liberation of their spirits. Under these circumstances, INOR ART & DESIGN WORKSHOP was born in 2014. The establishment of INOR serves as a hub of creativity for Hong Kong people to immerse themselves in the world of art and temporary get away from the busy lifestyles.