Application for Scholarship for Semester Exchange Programme (Non-College) 2020/21

College students participating in Term-long Exchange Programmes, which are not organized/coordinated by WYS College, during academic year 2021/22, can now apply for the “Scholarship for Semester Exchange Programme 2020/21”. Details are listed below.


Applicants must meet all the following criteria:

  • Full time WYS College undergraduates;
  • Will go on exchange in academic year 2021/22 (One term/whole year)
  • Participating in Term-long Exchange Programmes organized/ coordinated by units other than WYS College

Note: This scholarship is NOT open to students participating in the Term-long Exchange Programmes organized/ coordinated by WYS College as they have already been awarded this Scholarship. And the scholarship amount has been announced in the offer email sent in February already. No extra application is needed.



Applicants need not attend interview. The application result will be determined by the selection panel according to the application documents submitted and the content on the application form. Since members of the selection panel may not be able to read Chinese, you MUST complete the application form in ENGLISH. Those written in Chinese will be not viewed or considered, while incomplete or late application will not be handled.


Miss Kiki Chan ( 3943-3935)
Miss Rachel Poon ( / 3943 3942)