Application for Hostel Residence 2019-20 (for Non-local Students Admitted in 2016-17 and after)

Online application for hostel residence 2019/20 (for Non-local students admitted in 2016/17 and after) will be open between 12th Nov and 26th Nov 2018. If you wish to be allotted a hostel place, no matter via guaranteed hostel period or resident selection, you have to submit an online application during the designated time. “Fact Sheet on Hostel Accommodation for Non-local Students Admitted in 2016/17 and after” has been prepared to explain the mechanism and administration of hostel places allocation.



Briefing Session of Student Hostel Residence Application for Non-Local Students Admitted in 2016/17 and after

To explain the resident selection process and provide an occasion for students to raise questions, the Student Hostels Committee is organizing a briefing session for non-local students who entered CUHK in or after 2016/17. You are recommended to read the Fact Sheet before attending the briefing session so as to gain better understanding of the arrangement concerned.


Date: 13th Nov, 2018 (Tue)

Time: 6:30pm – 7:30pm

Venue: College Theatre, UG/F




Application for Student Hostel Residence 2019/20 (for Non-local students admitted in 2016/17 and after)

The application is administered in Term One of Year 2018/19 to allow more time for non-local students who are not allotted hostel places to explore accommodation arrangement. Before applying for student hostel residence, please carefully read the Note to Applicants for Student Hostel Residence (2019-20) (For Non-Local Students Admitted in 2016-17 and after). An email notification will be sent to the email address provided upon successful online submission. Students applying via Resident Selection please sign on the email notification printout and submit it, together with relevant supporting documents, to the College Office (Room G03, G/F, East Block, Wu Yee Sun College, The Chinese University of Hong Kong) on 28th or 29th Nov 2018 within office hours.



Application period: 12th – 26th Nov 2018

Document submission period (only for those applying via Resident Selection): 28th and 29th Nov 2018 (office hours at College Office)



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