Adjustments in Hostel Residence of Term 2, 2021/22

With the recent surge in cases across the city, the University has made an “Important announcement: continuation of online learning & teaching for Term 2 2021-22” to do as much as possible to combat the infection on campus. Minimizing face-to-face contacts and social mixing, and reducing crowd density are essential. Under the circumstance that all learning and teaching will be moved to fully online delivery mode for the remaining semester, we strongly encourage all resident students to return home and vacate their hostels if practicable, unless they have a compelling reason to stay resident.


Residents have to seek approval for special hostel residence by submitting online application at by 11 February 2022. Residents who do not submit application by aforementioned deadline should vacate their hostel rooms during the upcoming weekend of 12 – 13 February 2022. All personal belongings should be removed in order to have hostel fees reimbursed. Hostel fee will be refunded on pro-rata basis and residents will NOT be counted as using up one-term hostel residence of Term 2, 2021/22. Staggered check-out hours and shuttle bus between College and University Station will also be arranged to avoid overcrowding. Non-local residents who are currently outside Hong Kong may authorize fellow College students to check out hostel on their behalf. The logistic arrangement will be sent via a separate email.


All approved residents must recognize that this entails a commitment to living exclusively in their hostel. They cannot divide their time between multiple residences (e.g. by spending weekends at home). Residents should also minimize off-campus travel as far as possible and undertake necessary precautionary measures, including no allowance of visitors to enter the hostels or stay overnight, no meal and social gatherings outside their own hostel room. Any breach of the above measures will result in denial of access to your room and hostel fees will not be reimbursed. The above arrangements may be updated again in accordance with the newest development of the pandemic.


We are thankful for your cooperation all along in the rapidly evolving pandemic situation. We appeal to your understanding for making such adjustments to help lower the risk of transmission. 


We wish you all a healthy Year of the Tiger and look forward to meeting you all again when this wave of pandemic is over.