Activity Booths@Sunny Living Week


Time : 21 Sep 2018 (Fri) [RESCHEDULED]
Venue : College Gallery & Central Courtyard
Time : 10:30am - 2:15pm

Registration is not required !

Organic Farm (10:30am-2:15pm)
Organic veggies & fruits for sale

Creativity Laboratory (c!ab) (11:45am-2:15pm)
Wood Painting Keyring DIY

Venture HK @WYS x Spot the Attraction (11:45am-2:15pm)
Winners can receive Hong Kong unique scenic postcards

Distribution of sugarcane water@5pm
Please bring your own cup or bowl

Sports Association Darts Game 
Test your accuracy and stability

WYS Rotaract : Plastic Recycling Sorting Game 
From 1 to 7 : Get to know different types of plastics

Natural Dyeing with Onion Waste - CANCELLED

Cooling Towels will be given to all participants

Enquiries : Miss Carly Lau ( 3943-3988)