Stress Reduction before Examination

Stress Reduction before Examination


Are you tired out with revision? Why not join the relaxation sharing activity organized by Health and Spiritual Well-being Committee to learn the relaxation method? The Committee members will also share with you how to handle stressful examination when they were young. You are most welcome to join us!


Date29/11/2017 (Wednesday)

Time: 4:30 - 6:00pm

Venue The Lounge, WYS House of Sunny Living 



- Introduction of origins of stress
- Positive and negative side of stress
- How stress affects our efficiency
- Relaxation method : Muscle relaxing (20mins)
                                       Deep breathing (5mins)
- Relaxation Tips e.g. doing exercises, talk with your friends, meditation etc.

Stress-busting gift is given to each participant!


Registration :

Enquiries : Valentina (valentinatsang@ 3988)