Night Talk - Rance Lee Mentorship Programme


Rance Lee Mentorship Programme organizes a Night Talk featuring the importance of social networking, which is multifunctional that helps for job hunting.


Mr. Jason Ma, Co-Founder/Managing Director of Motiva Consulting Ltd will share with participants his experiences and knowledge in helping job-searchers to write CV, adopt the appropriate manner at interview, get the right move of job and talk about the common HR issues in a company as well as the current salary trend in different industries.


Our College alumni will also share their personal experiences in their workplaces and how important social networking is.


Date:           25 Nov, 2021 (Thu)

Time:           7:30pm

Venue:        College Gallery

Language:   Cantonese

Guest:         Mr. Jason Ma, Co-Founder/Managing Director of Motiva Consulting Ltd

Host:           Mr. Philip Li, Chairperson of China Chengxin (Asia Pacific) Credit Ratings Company Limited and mentor of Rance Lee Mentorship Programme

Alumni:        Mr. Ivan Jim, Assistant Investment Manager (Equities), Hang Seng Investment Management Ltd; Took part in Rance Lee Mentorship Programme in 2014-15

                   Mr. Joseph Chan, Cadet Stipendiary Steward, The Hong Kong Jockey Club; Executive member of Wu Yee Sun College Alumni Association


Deadline:     22 November, 2021

Enquiries:    Miss Elsus Yeung (3943-3934 /