Anti-epidemic talk from Chinese Medicine Perspective


As Hong Kong was hit by the fifth wave of COVID-19, some people bought the medicine themselves including Western medicine and Chinese medicine for contingency. However, taking medicine should always according to individual health status. To this regard, the College will organize a talk about anti-epidemic from Chinese medicine perspective so that you can understand more about the Chinese medicine in the market and other anti-epidemic methods. Details could be found below:


  1. The common Chinese Medicine available in the market
  2. Anti-epidemic Chinese soup
  3. The function of anti-epidemic herbal sachet
  4. Introduction of Chinese Qi Gong “Ba Duan Jin”

Activity Details:

Date : 14 April 2022 (Thu)

Time : 6:30pm-7:30pm

Speaker : Prof. Boating Zhang (School of Chinese Medicine)

Language : Putonghua

Format : Zoom

Registration :

Deadline : 27th March

*Each participant will receive an anti-epidemic herbal sachet*

All College students, staff members and family members of staff members are welcome.

Enquiries : Miss Phoebe Wu ( / 3943 3988)