Volunteering Education (VED)

Volunteering Education (VED)

VED Programme is a student self-initiated volunteering education project, which is an eight-day programme, supported by Service-Learning Project Funding Scheme. The participants can understand more about the children living in Cambodia and make some profound reflections on their lives through voluntary education experiences.

By teaming up with twelve college students from different majors, a variety of curriculums have been designed. Not only do the children in Cambodia get to know more knowledge, our College students also learn a lot from their cheerful and optimistic mindsets despite the poor environment. 

The project has been relocated to Taiwan after the pilot programme implemented in Cambodia for further development.

Media Coverage


UNI FM96.7 環宇廣播電台 – 小玉家族: 孩子我懂你 (VED: Volunteering Education 創辦人 洪從譯) (Mandarin Only)


CUAlumni Magazine (Issue 104) – 與同窗組隊參加國際航空法比賽奪亞軍 台灣洪從譯為中大爭光 (Chinese Only)