The Voice of History

The Voice of History

Voice of Mei Ho is a community project aims to foster inter-generational harmony. Primary school students would collect oral history from senior residents and co-create a series of radio drama with them, featuring the stories of old Hong Kong.

The project kicked start as the pilot programme named as “Voice of Mei Ho” with the guidance of the dedicated Professor from “College Senior Seminar”. This project also won the “Rance Lee Award” and was further supported by “Service-Learning Project Funding Scheme”.

The project has been further spun off to different stages, featuring different districts in Hong Kong - “Voice of Sai Wan”, and now, it is a company on the list of Volunteer Movement Participating Organisation.

Media Coverage


RTHK 日常八點半 – 區區小節: 《區區小節》九龍城區 - 聲昔再現(廣播劇社區共融計劃) (Chinese Only)


HK 01: 小學生做記者訪問長者製成廣播劇 主辦人:想小朋友從小了解歷史 (Chinese Only)