The publicity name of Wu Yee Sun College is “The Sunny College”: half word-play on Dr. Wu’s name and half of the College vision. May the College and its members radiate positive energy and be a passionate force that makes the world a better place.

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Media Coverage


CUHK UPDates (Headlines): The Sun Keeps Shinning

Not a few may benefit from Wu Yee Sun College on planning and organizing student activities amidst the new normal



RTHK 電台1台: 2021天氣展望/ 可持續發言(Chinese Only)

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港台電視31: 日常八點半 – 區區小節 : 《區區小節》九龍城區 - 聲昔再現(廣播劇社區共融計劃) (Chinese Only)

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中大校友104期 : 與同窗組隊參加國際航空法比賽奪亞軍 台灣洪從譯為中大爭光 (Chinese Only)

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體路 : [跑步。專訪] 「跑步教會我堅持 !」多棲跑手周漢聶 冀用音樂搭橋樑改變社會 (Chinese only)



CUHK UPDates (News Tweets): Sunny Living

New normal, new attempts, new breakthroughs



港台電視31  : 地球是圓的 - 本土語言的保育 (Chinese Only)



中大校友102期 : 唸新聞 好辯論 Grisella Luivindy (Chinese Only)


hahaEco-Business : Students for sustainability … University of Oxford’s Natalie Chung 



香港01 (社會新聞) : 4個半月隻身闖12國做義工 中大生李天心: 助人才是有意義人生 (Chinese Only)



香港01 (社區專題) : [廢膠重生] 睇中神奇荷蘭設計 中大生自砌 「化膠機」推循環再造 (Chinese Only)

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星島日報 : 設計知識售賣機 中大生創業獲獎(Chinese Only)

ahahah 中大山城士多視結業為目標  蝕住幫大埔小店 (Chinese Only)

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 wawawa       文匯報 : 文匯教育 – 中大「樂步行 」提倡綠色生活