A Store in CUHK

A Store in CUHK

A Store in CUHK is a group-buying platform, initiated by our college students, which aims to promote local quality products offered by small community stores. The project not only provides more choices for consumers but also brings more business opportunities for those stores. This creates a win-win situation for both parties.

The project was supported by Be Entrepreneurial Funding Scheme and created a great impact with tremendous media coverage and orders made via the group-buying platform. Check out the coverage for the details!

Media Coverage


Sunday Kiss: 大學生開士多 撐小店 (Chinese only)


CUHK Updates: Mart with a Mission


On.cc: 中大山城士多視結業為目標 蝕住幫大埔小店 (Chinese only)


HKET Top!ck: 中大人的「山城」 共購小店留住小舖人情 (Chinese only)


Weekend Weekly: 中大生 行動撐小店 (Chinese only)


Ming Pao: 中大生辦網上士多 貼錢「做咕喱」撐小店 (Chinese only)