CUWe Create

CUWe Create


CUWe Create is a cultural creative platform for CUers, which aims to encourage co-creation among teachers and students of CUHK to increase the sense of belonging and promote cross-cultural exchange on campus.

With the guidance of the dedicated Professor from “College Senior Seminar”, the project rolled out a number of online and offline programmes to promote the project idea, collect the feedback of the target audiences and encourage the participation of the CUers in six months. This project also got support from Sunny Passion Programme 2021/22 for further development.

cuwe-create-product_image1 cuwe-create-product_image2

Photo caption: The products developed by the students of CUWe Create

For details, please click this link or visit the IG (account: cu_wecreate) and WeChat (account: cuwechuang)