Hostel Updates and Hostel Application

Hostel Events

Upcoming events:

Dinner with Wardens

We hope residents find the comforts of home in our student hostels. Enjoy a cozy evening with our Wardens to share stories and experiences of hostel life and meet fellow residents to strengthen our bonding.

Warden of East Block: Professor Man-hong LAI (Department of Educational Administration)

Warden of West Block: Professor Kong-pang PUN (Department of Electronic Engineering)

Date: 28 Feb 2024 (Wed)

Time: 6:45pm – 8:00pm

Venue: College Staff Dining Room, G/F, West Block, Wu Yee Sun College

Language: Cantonese

Registration: (Deadline: 3:00pm, 23 Feb 2024)



Hostel Activities organized by Resident Association


Floor Gatherings with Resident Tutors --- check with your Resident Tutors



Hostel Application

(A) Hostel Residence 2024-25 (For Non-local Students admitted in 2023-24 and before)

(B) Hostel Residence 2023-24 (For Local Freshmen)

(C) Hostel Residence 2023-24 (For Non-local Freshmen)

(D) Hostel Residence 2023-24 (For Local Students admitted in 2022-23 and before)

(E) Room Share Scheme 2023-24

(F) Hostel Check-out (Term 2, 2022-23) and Summer Hostel 2023